Spur is committed to equality of opportunity for the next generation of Canadian leaders.

For us, this means involving Canadians under thirty-five in all aspects of our festivals and our organization, including as featured speakers and moderators, and in key staff and volunteer positions.

We’ve also custom-designed three programs that enrol university and college students, and emerging public leaders in Spur’s commitment to building a broad-based public forum that will contribute positively to a creative, innovative and sustainable future for Canada.

RBC Emerging Scholars will bring into residence at Spur 100 young thinkers and artists from across the country this year, giving them unparalleled access to festival participants, and creating an on-going and active network of young Canadians who will write our country’s future.

Spur is founded on a partnership model, so we salute those funders who are committed, like we are, to providing equality of opportunity to young Canadians, and who are visionaries in investing in the future of our country.

We also thank our educational and community partners who are working with us to deliver these great programs across the country and to reach youth from diverse life experiences.

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