SSHRC Storyteller Wednesday: Hazel Hollingdale

We’re not the only ones presenting big ideas in creative ways. One of our main partners, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, is giving Canada’s best and brightest young scholars the spotlight to tell the world why research matters. The SSHRC Storytellers contest issued this challenge to postsecondary students from across Canada: Give us your best three-minute pitch about the impact of a great SSHRC-funded research project.

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing one of these pitches here in our blog. This week we’re featuring the work of Hazel Hollingdale. Her PhD research tests the Lehman Sisters hypothesis, examining whether risk-taking in financial firms varies based on the sex composition of the workforce.

Hazel Hollingdale is a doctoral candidate in sociology at The University of British Columbia. Focusing on risk-taking behaviour and masculinity within male-dominated organizations, her research explores organizational sociology, gender and the effects of organizational structures on social processes and inequality. Hazel’s earlier graduate research looked at the organizational response to occupational health and safety in high-risk, male-dominated fields.

More about SSHRC Storytellers:

The Top 25 finalists were revealed on April 1, 2014 and they each won $3,000 and a trip to Congress, Canada’s premiere social sciences and humanities conference. At Congress, they will receive hands-on mentoring and training from experienced communications professionals. They’ll also deliver their pitch in front of a live audience and a panel of experts. A jury will select the final five to present a final talk as part of the SSHRC Impact Awards ceremony in fall 2014.

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