Political Tribalism – Spur Toronto

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There was a time when political affiliation was passed down through generations, when families stood by political parties through thick and thin. Today, young people are turning their backs on partisanship labels that would have them waving Liberal, Conservative or NDP flags. Youth regularly refuse to devote themselves to a single camp (only 1% of Canadians are members of political parties) and make their decision on election day, perhaps casting a strategic or single-issue vote, if they vote at all.

How are political parties responding to this new reality and working to garner the long-term support of Canadians? Is keeping options open good for democracy? Does partisanship increase with age? Can parties still win the allegiance of this youthful cohort, which will eventually make up the majority of voters?

Spur brings together award winning journalists Susan Delacourt and Martin Patriquin, along with pollster Eric Grenier and moderator Jane Hilderman to hash out the details.

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