Spur and the LRC present Graeme Smith’s raw account of the Afghan War

Graeme Smith photographed by Elisabeth Feryn
Graeme Smith Elisabeth Feryn

At the age of 26, Graeme Smith found himself in war-torn Afghanistan as a young correspondent for the Globe and Mail.

“I launched myself into the battlefields,” he wrote recently—and that launch would lead him to win several awards, including an Emmy for the series Talking to the Taliban.

Smith is now a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group in Kabul and he’s preparing to launch his first book, The Dogs are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan, which publisher Knopf Canada describes as “a raw, uncensored account of the war in Afghanistan  from a brilliant young reporter who for several years was the only Western journalist brave enough to live full-time in the dangerous southern region.”

Smith will share his personal account of the experience in Afghanistan at the sold out event Diplomacy, Guns and Money, presented by Spur festival and the Literary Review of Canada on September 23, 7 p.m. at the Gardiner Museum.

See below for an excerpt of Graeme Smith’s interview with The Agenda‘s Steve Paikin, broadcast after he produced Talking to the Taliban.

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