Refugees Living With(in) Risk

  • May 6, 2017
  • 10:30 am
  • Manitoba Hydro Place

The difficult experiences recounted by asylum seekers crossing Manitoba’s borders have made international headlines. With the surge in refugee arrivals, and polling that indicates the vast majority of Canadians want refugee acceptance levels where they currently are, or lower, Spur asks if the perception of risk to the country is real or imagined? Will the spike of refugees and asylum seekers change Canada’s social, financial, religious and cultural landscape? And what is our collective responsibility to these individuals and to the global community, in the the face of the wars, famine and climate change that is causing unprecedented levels of human migration?

Bashir Khan is a Winnipeg-based immigration lawyer currently representing 17 asylum seekers who have crossed the border into Manitoba and is a prominent voice in the current political conversation regarding these displaced peoples. Asha Ahmed has been living in Winnipeg as a refugee claimant since October 2016, having previously worked in Somalia as a Deputy Minister of Women and Children’s Rights as well as in the U.S. as a community health worker. Tom Denton, Order of Manitoba, is a lawyer and writer who has been the Executive Director of the Hospital House Refugee Ministry since 2006. Our moderator, Karen Pauls, is an award-winning journalist who has been the national radio news reporter in Manitoba since 2004.

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