Our Shared History

  • October 29, 2016
  • 2:00 pm
  • Halifax Central Library - O'Regan Hall

Movements are cropping up worldwide to re-evaluate our reverence of foundational figures (such as Oxford University’s Cecil Rhodes and Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson) whose legacies have been edited, their accomplishments lauded and the racist, sexist, and otherwise prejudiced motivations and repercussions of their actions glossed over. Edward Cornwallis, widely esteemed founder of Halifax, was believed to have issued bounties for the scalps of Mi’kmaq men, women, and children. The Mi’kmaq community has long protested the use of his name on civic property: this past spring, city councillor Waye Mason presented a motion to evaluate this use, which was turned down. Spur asks: how should a community celebrate a history that is meaningful to some, and offensive to others? And how accountable are citizens in the present to rectify past injustices?

  • Free



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