Among the wide variety of casino games, the timeless online casino slot machine is the most popular of all. It was first introduced in the late 19th century and allows players to enjoy the game thanks to its simple process. While the machine started out with a lever, today’s technology has turned it into an electric device. Not to mention the online versions which are free to use.

How Do I Choose the Right Online Casino Slot Machine?

While online casino slot games come in a variety of themes and custom conditions, choosing the right type can be complicated. Fortunately, the criteria are there to help make the choice easier.

There are of course the basic versions of the game which are the most classic. Here the themes are simple and unadorned while retaining their traditional elegance. However, this online version is much more enjoyable than the older machines, as there are up to three reels in the game. As far as the payout types offered are concerned, there are few variations.

In a slightly better version, there are animated or video slots. The design is a bit more elaborate with animation and characters moving in the background. This leads to better stimulation for the player, in addition to various bonuses that can be obtained. With an average of three to five reels, players can bet on 100 lines at a time and win more than in the classic version. Especially since there is a wide choice of payout types.

In the same style as animated slots, there are also 3D versions. Here, the immersion in the game is even more stimulating, which is ideal for those looking for a more modern world and design.

For players who value winnings more than game design, progressive jackpot slots are the most recommended. Here, the jackpot to be won can reach sums up to millions. Unlike previous versions, this one is multiplayer. Each individual bets an amount, and the sum of all these bets will constitute the jackpot that only one player will win. Of course, as a game with simulated winnings, no real money is won. But this type of slot machine is highly recommended for those who want to play for real money later on, as a training exercise. Play slots at an online casino.

Familiarize Yourself With the Recurring Terms

For any beginner, getting into free online casino slot games requires familiarity with the specific terms used in the game. Playing without knowing these terms can lead to confusion and reduce the player’s enjoyment of the game. Here is a list of terms that may be repeated and their meaning:



This is an automatic feature of the game that offers the player a free spin. In some cases, the number of reels spinning during a respin may vary. This feature is unlocked when the player forms a specific combination, but this will always depend on the version of the game.



These are the spins that the player will have at his disposal to spin the game reels.

Free Spins

Free spins

These are free spins that are also offered by the casino. They are usually obtained as a welcome gift or to thank the player for their loyalty to the platform.

Bonus Round

Bonus rounds

In online casino slot, the player can win and collect special symbols which will unlock a bonus round. At the end of this bonus round, the player will either get a bomb that will take them back to the original game, or credits that will be valid for the following rounds.

Gamble Feature

Double or Gamble Feature

When this option appears on the screen, the player will be able to bet a second time and spin the reels. As long as this option is present, the player will be able to play several rounds in a row.

Double Up

Double ups

After several rounds, the player’s credits will decrease. The double ups are therefore mini-games that the machine will propose to win a few more credits. They come in the form of games of chance, or other types of fairly easy puzzles. If the player wins these games, the stake is automatically doubled.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots

In case the player chooses a multi-line game, all players will bet a particular amount and this set will represent the final jackpot. The progressive jackpot is none other than the total of these bets that will be won by a single winning player.



This term simply indicates the winnings that the player will get after playing.

Avalanche Mode

Avalanche Mode

This mode is present on some versions of the slot machine and ensures that the player no longer has to press the button to re-spin. The symbols will appear automatically until a winning combination is reached.

Getting to Know the Different Online Casino Slot Symbols

While it is important to know the specific terms of online casino slot games, the same applies to the different symbols that the player will encounter during the game. These symbols vary from one version of the game to another, but some of them are recurrent because the principle of the slot machine remains the same.


This special symbol is predetermined by the game and appears randomly on the grid. The purpose of the scatter is to activate specific features, allowing the player to win.

Click me

During a game, the slot machine will ask for a specific number of symbols to appear on the grid. If the player succeeds, the ‘click me’ symbol will be unlocked and winnings will be paid out immediately.

Winning multipliers

Winning multiplier symbols are identified by the X5 or X10 mark on them. These are symbols that add extra winnings to what the player already has.

Extra symbols

Depending on the version of the game, special symbols will appear that will unlock special features during the game.

Wild symbols

These are special symbols, also known as wilds. These are used to replace symbols that are already displayed and automatically win the game.

How to Play Free Slots?

Now that all the basic principles of slot machines have been presented, here’s how to play free slot machines in practice.

Number One

The choice of the online casino slot machine is very important. The player will determine which theme or world suits him best, as well as the type of game that suits him. There is a wide range of choices, including online and downloadable versions. Once this choice has been made, all that remains is to launch the game.

Number Two

Once the game has been launched, the player must master the basic rules and the payout table of the slot machine. To do this, they must press the “?” or “i” icon and all the necessary information will appear.

Number Three

The player should enter the amount he/she wants to bet. For free games, no real money is invested so it would be wise to always bet the maximum amount. After all, it’s always more fun.

Number Four

Once the money has been wagered, the player simply presses “spin” and the game begins. Once the reels stop, the player will then see if they have won or not.