Making a Difference Alone, Together

The theme of Spur 2015 is “Alone, Together.” To me that means that although we are independent individuals, we can make a difference together. As individuals, we can have a big impact in anything as long as we set our minds to it and remain dedicated, and together, we can influence others. When many individuals come together from different cultures and with different beliefs and values—whether coming together in family, community, school, or even at Spur—the result is a diversified impact. As a citizen, an individual, a mother or father, sister or brother, aunt or uncle, teacher, doctor, volunteer or however you choose to define yourself, we are all alone making a difference together, each with our distinctive ideas and goals.

Jaden Baragar has just finished her third year of a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Double Concentration in Psychology and English at St. Mary’s University in South Calgary. In the future, she plans on pursuing the Bachelor of Education program. She enjoys volunteering with the Humanities 101 program at St. Mary’s, which provides education to low-income adults who have experienced previous disruptions in obtaining an education. Recently, Jaden won $10,000 for Humanities 101 through a Share Who Cares contest. She also volunteers annually at the Calgary International Children’s Festival. Jaden’s other interests include: scrapbooking, traveling, reading, writing and enjoying the great outdoors no matter the season.

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