LRC Presents: Sally Armstrong on the Rising Economic Power of Women

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Sally Armstrong says, “The economy is the ticket that women can ride,” and that, “We can no longer afford to oppress half our population”. She details an international realization of the vast economic and financial benefits that come with bringing women to the table.

According to Armstrong, this financial recognition is being coupled by a gradual change in mindset. Today, change is being led by individuals with immense personal will, whether it is Pakistan’s Malala or Kenya’s Milly.

Where is this change happening and who is leading it? How are they different from women’s movements from the past?  Who continues to stand in the way of progress? Armstrong gives us her take.

Sally Armstrong is a journalist and human rights activist. She is a three-time Amnesty International award winner, and was a member of the International Women’s Commission at the U.N. She is a Member of the Order of Canada and the recipient of seven honorary doctorate degrees. Armstrong has covered stories in zones of conflict across the globe; from Bosnia and Somalia to Rwanda and Afghanistan. In doing so, she has been awarded the Gold Award from the National Magazine Awards Foundation.  She has eight honorary doctorates. Her most recent book is Ascent of Women: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter.

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