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Today, the web can bring people together, building online communities and mobilizing social movements, or create targets in a click, releasing a pack of online hounds. Spur welcomes a panel of pioneering women who have taken the power of game design and the potential of online communities to develop projects that challenge convention and provide fresh voices to the industry.

This podacast features:

Brianna Wu: Head of development at Giant Spacekat, a successful game development team with female leadership. She is also a well-known public speaker on issues affecting women in tech. She rose to be one of the most prominent women in game development in 2014 after being subjected to threats on her life during the harassment campaign known as GamerGate.

Dr. Emily Flynn-Jones: A Postdoctoral Research Fellow at York University where she is working on a project (Re-FiG) to promote gender equity in gaming. Her recent research has focused on the history of gender-related discourse in game culture. She also makes games about her work as well as more personal, empathy-driven games.

This conversation is moderated by…

Danielle King: Co-founder and Business Manager of Winnipeg-based creator of interactive media, film, fine arts, scientific research projects and literature – ZenFri.

and is introduced by…

Rachael Hosein: As the Digital Media Director for an e-learning production company doing interactive web and mobile development, Rachael was part of the first virtual reality project in Manitoba. After her first taste of VR, Rachael co-founded The Campfire Union to focus her artistic efforts on exploring this emerging new medium. As their Chief Creative Officer, she brings her artistic vision to all of their virtual reality development, including their recent launch of Lost Cities, the first virtual reality board game.

and features a poem by Spur Poet-in-Residence…

Chimwemwe Undi: a Black poet living on Treaty One territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been featured at the Vancouver Poetry House, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and has shared stages with Shane Koyczan and Cornel West . Her work is shortlisted for the Brunel University African Poetry Prize and appears or is forthcoming in Room, Prairie Fire, The Rusty Toque and CV2.

This opening event of Spur Winnipeg was presented in partnership with New Media Manitoba and Zen-fri.

This podcast was recorded, edited and hosted by Spur Director of Production, Michael Booth.

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