2014 Events: The North: The World in Seven Years

March 23
4:30 pm

Programmed in partnership with HarperCollins and CBC Radio, The World in Seven Years invites prominent Canadian and international thinkers to put a stake in the sand about where the world will be in seven years, based on their area of expertise. Too distant a time to be narrow, too proximate to be vague, this lecture series is an opportunity to address the serious issues facing our world in a robust, solutions-oriented approach. Join highly decorated writer of 16 books, speaker, community activist and explorer James Raffan for a look at The North: the future of food, water and land. Moderated by Peter Kulchyski of the University of Manitoba.


Winnipeg Art Gallery, Muriel Richardson Auditorium
300 Memorial Blvd.



Presented in partnership with

  • eHarperCollins
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery