How to Buy Tickets

The easiest way to purchase tickets for Spur Toronto events is online, by visiting our Events section.

See the Schedule

You may phone our ticket service Ticket Break at 1-866-943-8849 if you are having trouble purchasing on line. They can process an e-ticket order to be emailed to you at any time. However, if you wish physical tickets mailed to you there will be an extra $2 charge. You can also call the Spur Toronto offices at 416-531-1483 (Mon–Fri, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. EST/EDT) for any other inquiries.

Any tickets still remaining for an event will be sold at the door, starting one hour before the event begins.

Better yet, buy a festival pass! You’ll get guaranteed access to all events,* and our gratitude for helping us grow Spur in Toronto and across the country.

* Certain events, such as Book Bag have limited capacity, so the sooner you purchase a pass, the sooner you can guarantee a spot in all of this year’s Spur events. Once you have purchased a Festival Pass, we will contact you to reserve your place in these limited events.

Where and How to Redeem E-Tickets and Passes

You can pick up a purchased pass, (including a Spur Festival Pass badge and individual tickets to all events), at our ‘Will Call’ table during our first event Alone, Together at the Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library, starting at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 9. If you would like to make other arrangements to receive your pass please contact us at or call us 416-531-1483. Should you be unable to pick up your pass on April 9, it will be held for you at each subsequent event.

Buy a Festival Pass

Tickets and festival passes are not refundable; however, they are transferable!  If you cannot attend a specific Spur event, you can give your pass to someone else to use – just don’t forget to get it back! The same applies to individual e-tickets.

When you purchase tickets or festival passes online, you will receive a e-ticket from our ticketing service Ticket Break. Don’t forget to bring this ticket to the event. The bar code is the important part – so if you do not have the printed e-ticket we can scan from your smartphone or other device. For passes the e-ticket will be redeemed for a physical pass you must carry to all Spur events.

Thank you for your commitment to Spur – you have any questions just call us at  416-531-1483 during business hours or email at

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets purchased at the door will be $17 General Admission (for $15 events) and $12 for Students or other $10 events, (with some exceptions), so it always pays to buy in advance!