2014 Events: Borders and Geopolitics: The World in Seven Years

April 25
7:00 pm

The nation-state is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of geopolitics. Taking the place of empires, kingdoms, and even city-states, the nation-state is a highly regulated entity defined by strict, and growing stricter, borders. Will we continue to fortify our borders or, with the increasingly globalized economy, are we heading into a new phase of geopolitics? Join journalist, author, and editor-at-large for the National Post, Diane Francis as she makes a case for what borders and geopolitics will look like 2021.

Moderated by Jim Brown host of CBC’s The 180, Diane Francis will be joined in conversation by Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, editor of the Journal of Borderlands Studies and Project Lead, Borders in Globalization Project at the University of Victoria.

Programmed in partnership with HarperCollins, The World in Seven Years series invites prominent Canadian and international thinkers to put a stake in the stand about where the world will be in seven years. Too distant a time to be narrow, too proximate to be vague, this lecture series is an opportunity to address the serious issues facing our world in a robust, solutions-oriented approach.


Glenbow Museum – Conoco-Phillips Theatre
130 9th Ave SE